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Τουρνουά Σκακιού Νεανικό Ο.ΦΙ.Σ 2019-Ακάκι

Last update 03.03.2019 13:06:57, Creator/Last Upload: cyprus chess federation

Starting rank

1Kirkos Andreas5904927CYP1235O.Fi.S.
2Sarrou Konstantinos5905788CYP1171O.FI.S
4Anastasiou Giorgos5901375CYP0Akaki
5Andreou StylianosCYP0Akaki
6Christoforou GeorgiaCYP0Akaki
7Christou Marios5905885CYP0Akaki
8Efthimiou AntriaCYP0Akaki
9Flourentzou PanayiotisCYP0Akaki
10Hajialexantrou AntreasCYP0Akaki
11Hajipierou MarkosCYP0Akaki
12Ioannou GiorgosCYP0Akaki
13Kaskiri IoannaCYP0Akaki
14Kaskiris FrixosCYP0Akaki
15Korlos GiannisCYP0Akaki
16Nikolaou MariaCYP0Akaki
17Nikolaou LoizosCYP0Akaki
18Savvides ChristosCYP0Akaki
19Stylianou CharalambosCYP0Akaki
20Zanti MelinaCYP0Akaki
21Zantis CharisCYP0Akaki