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Τουρνουά Σκακιού Ο.ΦΙ.Σ -2019 -Πέμπτης

Last update 14.03.2019 21:08:32, Creator/Last Upload: cyprus chess federation

Starting rank list of players

1Moulias Alexandros4219724GRE1937O.Fi.S.
2Karagiannis Kosmas4216903GRE1864O.FI.S
3Georgantas Antonios4217411GRE1845 Nicosi Chess Club
4Georgiou Andreas5900360CYP1838Pa.Sy.D.Y.-Nicosia Chess Club
5Bryan Mark5900638CYP1793Nicosia Chess Club
10Nichlos Michalis4294262CYP1783Nicosia
6Evangelides Kypros5900808CYP1653Nicosia Chess Club
7Zacharoplastis Pambos5900603CYP1551O.Fi.S.
8Karathymios Konstantinos5904218CYP1532O.Fi.S.
9Markides Markellos5903521CYP1460O.Fi.S.