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74-th Armenian Women's CH . The Highest League

Last update 20.01.2019 17:15:03, Creator/Last Upload: chess house

Starting rank list of players

8WGMKursova Maria4129709ARM22792328
9WIMGevorgyan Maria13300270ARM22282285
5WIMGhukasyan Siranush13300946ARM22262277
3WIMGaboyan Susanna13303627ARM21112230
7Khachatryan Anna13310780ARM21102192
6Avetisyan Mariam13307622ARM21062252
10WCMMkrtchyan Mariam13310828ARM20982233
4Grigoryan Arpine13307231ARM19622217
1Mkrtchyan Anahit D.13307533ARM18292084
2Hakobyan Astghik13311751ARM17762132
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