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2018 Wild Card Chess Championships (U08 Open)

Last update 23.12.2018 19:40:24, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 20)

Starting rank

1D`alton Ezra111092267RSA898
2Cronje Emile111087168RSA874
3Bowers Mpho1120104109RSA855
4Guneliev Adriaan111089655RSA847
5Yang Jenn Tjer1120096779RSA834
6Booysen Chadlin1110099722RSA825
7Pillay Zac1110097360RSA814
8Meij Ariel1110099269RSA783
9Gough Rowan1110099290RSA763
10Schwim Rinus1110100437RSA736
11Buys Boaz1110099533RSA714
12De Villiers Wilhelm111094923RSA700