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17th Asian Continental Blitz Chess Championships (2nd Manny Pacquiao Cup) Women

Last update 30.12.2018 06:26:48, Creator/Last Upload: Philippines Chess Federation

Player overview for SGP

10WGMGONG Qianyun23120SGP1011101117,02WOMEN
7WGMGONG Qianyun22600SGP11½10½1016,07Blitz - Women

Results of the last round for SGP

Rd.Bo.No.NameBdldTypGrRtgPts. ResultPts. NameBdldTypGrRtgNo.
9214WFMMUNKHZUL Turmunkh2255 0 - 16 WGMGONG Qianyun231210
967WGMGONG Qianyun22605 1 - 05 NITHYALAKSHMI Sivanesan179431

Player details for SGP

WGM GONG Qianyun 2312 SGP Rp:2476 Pts. 7,0
129ZHANG Xiao20170CHN5,0w 10,85
21WIMZHU Jiner24090CHN6,0s 00,37
327WIMGALAS Bernadette21000PHI3,0w 10,77
413WGMNGUYEN Thi Thanh An22620VIE5,0s 10,57
56IMPHAM Le Thao Nguyen23630VIE6,5s 10,43
68IMPADMINI Rout23450IND7,0w 00,45
720LI Xueyi21870CHN5,0s 10,67
84WGMWANG Jue23670CHN5,5w 10,42
914WFMMUNKHZUL Turmunkh22550MGL5,5s 10,58
WGM GONG Qianyun 2260 SGP Rp:2169 Pts. 6,0
124WFMMUNKHZUL Turmunkh19360MGL4,0w 10,87
235SAN DIEGO Jerlyn Mae15560PHI1,0s 10,92
33WGMWANG Jue23620CHN7,5s ½0,36
45WGMVO Thi Kim Phung23200VIE6,0w 10,42
511WIMSECOPITO Catherine21200PHI6,0s 00,69
613WGMFRAYNA Janelle Mae21130PHI6,0w ½0,70
728NING Kaiyu18280CHN4,5s 10,92
82IMPHAM Le Thao Nguyen23680VIE6,5w 00,35
931NITHYALAKSHMI Sivanesan17940MAS5,0w 10,92
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