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2018 Northwick Park FIDE Major U1860

Last update 19.12.2018 18:38:15, Creator/Last Upload: ljcc

Starting rank

1Bovtramovics Vladimir11603925LAT1810
2Healeas Simon419320ENG1804
3Figueroa Edison439215ENG1768
4Price Andrew416126ENG1766
5Goodfellow Russell420344ENG1758
6Sheikh Nasarullah427772ENG1722
7Colter Nigel414271ENG1680
8Mitchell Andy457027ENG1672
9Paleri Adithya438367ENG1671
10Bott Simeon474274ENG1668
11Pride Stephen C419680ENG1658
12Ball Matthew469688ENG1643
13Parry Jacques425923ENG1639
14Moody James438340ENG1630
15Valenta Richard466050ENG1614
16Pepe Salvatore427160ENG1543
17Sharma Naavya463132ENG1489
18Patel Sen64300471ENG1405
19Maton James469718ENG1402
20Chatterjee Sagnik64300455ENG1394
21Funk Alexander473375ENG0
22Tang Julian467987ENG0
23Pham Quoc Dat472549ENG0
24Davidson Laura430749ENG1632