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70th Singapore National Chess Championships 2018 - Men

Last update 06.01.2019 16:23:39, Creator/Last Upload: singapore chess federation

Starting rank list of players

6IMGoh Wei Ming Kevin5800706SGP2472
8IMTin Jingyao5804418SGP2451
9IMPaciencia Enrique5201322SGP2309
5CMLee Jun Wei5804809SGP2237
2FMSivakumar Ashvin5804655SGP2162
3Ng Sheng Feng5817803SGP2096
1Goh Sean Christian5812488SGP2069
7Lau Ende Matthew5805279SGP2063
4Poh Xuan Rui Ethan5818184SGP2004
10CMAdvait Bagri5820391SGP2001
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