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Doubles Team Championships 2018

Last update 21.12.2018 06:53:47, Creator: south african chess fed. (licence 20),Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 48)

Final Ranking after 8 Rounds

Rk.SNoTeamGames  +   =   -  TB1  TB2  TB3 
15Doubles:Tshwane Chess:GG Team870114090,0
27WP: CSGB870114088,0
36GJM: The Wild West Vest870114088,0
41INT: Batman & Robin870114086,0
54GTP: Double Trouble870114084,0
618WP: Bruhhhrr870114084,0
73GTP: Defending Champs870114080,0
814GE: Awesome Twins870114078,0
911GJM: Tiny Tina860212088,0
102GTP: I&J860212086,0
118GTP: Jaguars860212084,0
12223GTP: Chess Brahs760112083,0
1310WP RSA: Mich & Jay860212083,0
1455SED: Hardbody 2.0860212082,0
1543GTP: Trumpasaures860212082,0
1612GTP: Tuna Tasters860212080,0
16GTP: Y860212080,0
28GTP: All around me860212080,0
19115Doubles:Tshwane Chess:RR Team860212079,0
2020GJM: Jack'o'Lantern860212078,0
2119GTP: Metro Bulls860212078,0
2215GTP: Charlie and Tony's Chocolate Factor860212076,0
2338GJM: Twin Power860212076,0
2476EBC: Double Trouble860212075,0
2545GE: DuBra860212074,0
26221GTP: Nifty Knights860212072,0
2733GTP: LoMo860212072,0
2832GE: The Blitzers860212072,0
2948SED: Eureka Jokes860212072,0
3034GTP: Dewald&Adriaan Vennote860212070,0
3147SED GTP: 2016's Winners860212068,0
32127NCF: Omega Zero760112063,0
3337WP: Nevin Destroyers850310092,0
3421GE: Dream Crushers850310088,0
22EBC: The BC Scavengers850310088,0
3617WP: Bughousians850310088,0
3735GTP: Knight Riders850310084,0
3841KED & GBM : K & Q850310084,0
3942THE GOLDILOCK TWINS850310082,0
4030GTP: Duik hom ma850310082,0
4136GTP: Uncoodinated Knights850310082,0
4240GTP: KFC Krushers850310080,0
4323SED: Desmond and the Tutu's850310080,0
4454GTP: Duitse Boer850310080,0
4525FS: Mpemo Squad850310080,0
46144TSH: HUNTERS850310078,0
479GTP: Lekker man850310076,0
65NBR GTP: No Name850310076,0
4949GJM: Anime850310076,0
5029WP: Default Omegas850310075,0
51112LCP: 3M TAE850310074,0
5279KEN: Durban850310072,0
5352WEG: Double Attack850310072,0
5464GE: Not Fast, Just Furious850310072,0
69SED: ROOKies850310072,0
5675Doubles:Tshwane Chess:G Team850310072,0
57130WP: Knightfuries850310071,0
5844Doubles:Eden District:B Team850310071,0
5957GTP: Gift for Happiness850310071,0
6071KEN: Check Mates850310071,0
6113FLW FS: For the love of the game850310070,0
6231NCF: Lee-Zo850310070,0
50GE: Clueless Soap850310070,0
64114WP: R'EN' H850310070,0
6566KKD: Crazy Z850310070,0
66116MEN: GM Twins850310068,0
6786WP: The Proud Hamsters850310068,0
6868Doubles:Tshwane Chess:M Team850310068,0
69111Doubles:Tshwane Chess:II Team850310067,0
7070NBR: Knights of the square table850310067,0
7158WEG: Yeet and Retreat850310066,0
7256NoName: No Name Team850310066,0
7385GE: The Queens850310064,0
7461Doubles:Tshwane Chess:E Team850310064,0
81WP: Aggressive Palmtrees850310064,0
76145SED: Pink Bunny850310063,0
7784NBR: Knight Hawks850310062,0
7898GJM: ill Eagle Team850310062,0
79104MEN: Klippies en Coke850310060,0
8078MEN: Team Tinkerbell850310056,0
8126GE: The Grand Patzers84048082,0
8224GJM: Fluffy Unicorns84048080,0
8373WP: Cape Cobras84048076,0
77GTP: The Grey Curtains84048076,0
8582GTP KKD: Chess Mates84048074,0
8667GTP: Dark Elves84048074,0
8788GE: Mindcrafters84048072,0
8827MEN: TWO id10Ts84048072,0
8999KIK: KZN Nights84048071,0
90107KKD: KF284048070,0
9190MEN: The Flakkas84048070,0
9280Doubles:Ekurhuleni:G Team84048068,0
168NWB: Love and Hate84048068,0
9483SED: Bishop Pairs84048068,0
9551SED: Harambe84048068,0
96141GE: Pikachu84048068,0
9763Doubles:Ekurhuleni:FF Team84048067,0
98109GJM: Jungle Monkeys84048067,0
99105WP: Pandemonium84048066,0
100135SED: King Killers84048066,0
10153SED: Girls Rule84048066,0
10272GE: Awesome Rooks84048066,0
10346GTP: Em&Em84048066,0
104137WEG: Pawn Power84048065,0
105106MEN: Bullet Club84048064,0
10689GJM: Snails Pace84048064,0
152THE WHITE HATS84048064,0
108110WEG: The Unbeatables84048064,0
10991GJM: Platinum Queens84048064,0
11062GJM: Y-NOTS!84048064,0
111138GE: Rook Stars84048063,0
112134NCF: Reddevils84048062,0
113118WEG FLW: Rook and Roll84048062,0
114117WP: Knight Force84048062,0
115101GE: Lungaa84048061,0
11660GWR: West Rand Khutsong84048061,0
11759GTP: Check the Queens84048060,0
11894KKD: DE OTTS84048060,0
119172KKD: So what Wesley, but we love you any84048060,0
120120KKD: 50-50 - Stallions84048060,0
121108KIK: The Nothings84048060,0
122128FLW: Wolmars84048060,0
12387Doubles:Tshwane Chess:AA Team84048059,0
124100FLW GTP: YinYang84048059,0
125102GTP: VRUGTESLAAI84048058,0
126132NBR: N & H84048057,0
12796GE: Power Pawns84048057,0
12874Doubles:Tshwane Chess:F Team84048057,0
129150WEG: Chess Wizards84048056,0
13097WEG: Geyser & Coetzee Vennote84048056,0
131122MEN: Version 2 point 084048056,0
132164KED: The Biting King Sharks84048056,0
133129NCF: One Piece84048056,0
134151GTP: B&B84048055,0
135136GTP: The Pink Blondes84048054,0
136126KIK: S.A. Kings84048054,0
131GE: The Atomic Duo84048054,0
138173WP: Twin PEAKS84048050,0
139170FLW: Iron Pigs84048049,0
140119GJM: Reckless Rooks73046072,0
141206WP: RABLITZ83056068,0
142113MEN: Sam and Josh83056068,0
143143NBR: ZIM83056067,0
144142SED: David & Goliath83056064,0
145174FS: Bloemfontein Kings83056064,0
146199WP: No Name83056064,0
147156GTP: The Rainors83056063,0
148200Doubles:Tshwane Chess:N Team83056062,0
14995SED: Crushers83056062,0
150121GTP: Boomslang83056061,0

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Tie Break1: Matchpoints (2 for wins, 1 for Draws, 0 for Losses)
Tie Break2: The results of the teams in then same point group according to Matchpoints
Tie Break3: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)