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Zonal Central Femenino 2018

Last update 04.12.2018 17:10:33, Creator/Last Upload: ajedrezcubano

Starting rank list of players

3WIMMiranda Rodriguez Tania3510417CUB2246
4WFMObregon Garcia Roxangel3520420CUB2135
5WIMRodriguez Dominguez Melissa3517560CUB2074
1Hernandez Gil Ineymig3526216CUB2058
2WIMFernandez Rivero Karla July3517489CUB2048
8WFMHernandez Machado Patricia M.3524531CUB2036
6WFMRamos Martin Lisandra3524590CUB1969
9Garcia Terry Legna3523900CUB1953
7Heredero Gascon Elizabeth3526208CUB1700