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Campionat de Veterans del Pla de Lleida 2011

Last update 18.12.2010 19:28:14, Creator/Last Upload: jordi pellicer pi


Round 1 on 2010/10/30 at 16.30

Bo.No.NamePts. ResultPts. NameNo.
12Badia Torra Jaume0 1 - 00 Escalé Balcells Josep6
27Pagés Janer Josep0 0 - 10 Ponsarnau Marquilles Jaume3
34Mora Amella Joan0 1 - 00 Ros Monfà Norbert8
49Traveset Tarrés Josep M.0 0 - 10 Aloy Piulats Ramon5
510Llovera Pujol Rogeli0 1 bye
61Gensana Berzunces Joan0 0 not paired