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6. Prvenstvo Crne Gore za mlade u Ubrzanom sahu B-10

Last update 01.12.2018 16:09:19, Creator/Last Upload: montenegro chess federation

Starting rank

1Drasler Luka16504909MNE1405
2Lausevic Gorazd16505646MNE1330
3Svrkota Milos16505603MNE1117
4Blecic VukMNE0
5Dragicevic NiksaMNE0
6Jankovic VukMNE0
7Lakovic Lazar16505700MNE0
8Milic Maksim16506367MNE0
9Mirovic DamjanMNE0
10Mitrovic AleksaMNE0
11Pejovic MatijaMNE0
12Perkovic JovanMNE0
13Vujosevic FilipMNE0
14Zecevic OgnjenMNE0
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