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British Rapidplay Open

Last update 25.11.2018 17:21:39, Creator/Last Upload: lara barnes ia

Final Ranking after 11 Rounds

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtg TB1 
15IMSarakauskas GediminasLTU22789,5
21GMGormally Daniel WENG25558,5
3IMBates Richard AENG24238,5
49FMWall Tim PENG21977,0
12Shaw PeterENG20987,0
24Han YichenNED18937,0
76Barry ColmIRL22416,5
18AGMVan Kemenade RudyWLS19886,5
910Hampton Paul DJSCO21936,0
15FMWillow Jonah BENG20456,0
114FMTate AlanSCO23385,5
7Cohen Aron JENG22355,5
8Cook PhilipENG22155,5
11Surtees Mike JENG21545,5
16Burke Mitchell RENG20105,5
20Combie Alex BENG19695,5
23Keely Leo AENG19525,5
1813Talbot Mark AENG20675,0
14Hamer MartynENG20515,0
27Talbot Nathan LENG18195,0
2119Keely RogerENG19704,5
25Ansari AtharENG18864,5
28Niedbal PiotrPOL17694,5
30Gogia ArmaanENG14334,5
2517Orgler PhilippAUT20034,0
21Starley RobertENG19654,0
272GMAlsina Leal DanielESP24793,5
22Garnett John SENG19623,5
26Boswell Jacob ConnorENG18373,5
3029Faulkner Martin JENG17662,5
3131Gelder PaulENG1210,0

Tie Break1: points (game-points)