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Final do Campeonato Estadual Feminino de Xadrez 2018 - Natal/RN

Last update 18.12.2018 22:51:53, Creator/Last Upload: maximo igor macedo

Starting rank list of players

3Sallaberry Ana Paula Nogueira2196336BRA1592Natal
6De Oliveira Angela Tavares22728880BRA1483Parnamirim
2Da Silva Karina Ingryd Oliveira2194350BRA1474Natal
4Da Silva Pinto Maria Cecilia22730702BRA1237Natal
1Branco Isabele Soares22724680BRA1071Natal
7Barbosa Julia Freire Dias22743057BRA0Natal
5Barichello Giovana Arend22738118BRA0Natal
8De Barros Luma Sabar G Santos22732110BRA0Natal