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1st Bristol Blitz

Last update 25.11.2018 17:04:02, Creator/Last Upload: igord

Final Ranking crosstable after 11 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.Rd10.Rd11.Rd TB1  TB2 
1Buckley David E2279ENG 22w1 12b1 8w1 16b1 3w1 6b1 4w1 5b1 2w1 11b1 13w111,066,0
2Garcia Hernandez Oscar2042ESP 23w1 18b1 16w0 7b1 14w1 4b0 11w1 3b1 1b0 17w1 6b18,048,0
3Timmins Chris P1930ENG 10w1 7b1 30w1 6b1 1b0 25w1 5b0 2w0 26b1 4w½ 18b17,549,0
4IMSherwin James T2172USA 26b1 28w1 6b0 25w1 9b1 2w1 1b0 7w1 11b0 3b½ 12w17,548,0
5Bogdan Horia-Daniel1824ROU 20w0 31b1 23w½ 29b1 22w1 12b1 3w1 1w0 6b0 14b1 11w17,543,5
6Munn Andrew1737ENG 32w1 11b1 4w1 3w0 27b1 1w0 19b1 13b½ 5w1 12b½ 2w07,048,0
7Stubbs Oliver1697ENG 39b1 3w0 43b1 2w0 24b1 27w1 16w1 4b0 20w1 13b½ 8w½7,042,5
8Heard Andrew H1844ENG 31w1 20b1 1b0 17w½ 30b0 9w1 21b1 11w0 15b1 19w1 7b½7,041,5
9Hardy Roger1667ENG 33b1 27w½ 21b½ 13b1 4w0 8b0 20w0 39w1 28b1 26w1 17b17,038,5
10Hosdurga Chirag1605ENG 3b0 39w1 19b1 27w0 28b1 13b0 18w0 33w1 16b1 25w1 22b17,036,0
11Curtis John E2020ENG 24b1 6w0 27b½ 36w1 18b1 30w1 2b0 8b1 4w1 1w0 5b06,543,5
12Iwi Graham R1765ENG 36b1 1w0 24b1 30w½ 21b1 5w0 27b1 14b1 13w½ 6w½ 4b06,542,5
13Walker Max1790ENG 38b0 35w1 26b1 9w0 17b1 10w1 25b1 6w½ 12b½ 7w½ 1b06,541,5
14Nendick Philip Hc1906ENG 40b1 17w1 25b0 18w½ 2b0 15w1 30b1 12w0 22b1 5w0 23b16,540,0
15Strong Chris M1558ENG 16w0 42b½ 32w1 22b0 23w1 14b0 38w1 30b1 8w0 21w1 28b16,533,0
16Miller George1784ENG 15b1 38w1 2b1 1w0 25b0 26w1 7b0 17w0 10w0 31b1 29w16,039,0
Lampard Alice1700SCO 42w1 14b0 20w1 8b½ 13w0 18b½ 29w1 16b1 25w1 2b0 9w06,039,0
18Johnson Rn Phil1705ENG 41b1 2w0 38b1 14b½ 11w0 17w½ 10b1 26w0 29b1 20b1 3w06,037,0
19Robinson Will1786ENG 37w1 30b0 10w0 34b1 29w1 20b1 6w0 25b0 31w1 8b0 26w16,036,0
AFMKumar Yuvraj1505ENG 5b1 8w0 17b0 39w1 36b1 19w0 9b1 28w1 7b0 18w0 25b16,036,0
21Radford Robert P1840ENG 35b1 25w0 9w½ 23b1 12w0 22b1 8w0 29b0 34w1 15b0 32w15,533,5
22Johnson Christopher1667ENG 1b0 36w½ 40b1 15w1 5b0 21w0 24b1 32w1 14w0 30b1 10w05,533,0
23Wang Daoyi1660ENG 2b0 41w1 5b½ 21w0 15b0 40w1 32b0 37w1 35w1 27b1 14w05,529,5
24Vaughan Alex1630ENG 11w0 34b1 12w0 33b1 7w0 32b½ 22w0 35b0 36w1 41b1 30w15,527,0
25Fradkin Denis1674ENG 43w1 21b1 14w1 4b0 16w1 3b0 13w0 19w1 17b0 10b0 20w05,041,0
26Tye Jack1660ENG 4w0 37b1 13w0 43b1 31w1 16b0 33w1 18b1 3w0 9b0 19b05,034,0
27Muller Anton M1879ENG 29w1 9b½ 11w½ 10b1 6w0 7b0 12w0 31b0 33b1 23w0 38b15,032,5
28Champion Adrian W1772ENG 34w1 4b0 29w0 32b1 10w0 43b1 31w1 20b0 9w0 40b1 15w05,032,0
29Saunders Aron1592ENG 27b0 33w1 28b1 5w0 19b0 38w1 17b0 21w1 18w0 37b1 16b05,031,0
30Havard Gwyn1431WLS -1 19w1 3b0 12b½ 8w1 11b0 14w0 15w0 32b1 22w0 24b04,535,0
31Zielinski Piotr1555ENG 8b0 5w0 41b1 38w1 26b0 39w1 28b0 27w1 19b0 16w0 35w½4,527,5
32Jones Timothy M1257ENG 6b0 40w1 15b0 28w0 35b1 24w½ 23w1 22b0 30w0 34b1 21b04,527,0
33Goodhew Finn0ENG 9w0 29b0 -1 24w0 37b1 36w1 26b0 10b0 27w0 35b½ 41w14,524,0
34Keech Gabriel1397ENG 28b0 24w0 35b1 19w0 39b0 37w½ 36b1 43w1 21b0 32w0 42b14,522,0
35Dalrymple Graeme1517ENG 21w0 13b0 34w0 42b1 32w0 41b½ -1 24w1 23b0 33w½ 31b½4,521,5
36Thomas James1300ENG 12w0 22b½ 42w1 11b0 20w0 33b0 34w0 -1 24b0 43w1 40w14,521,0
37Zeng Jonathan1442ENG 19b0 26w0 39b0 40w1 33w0 34b½ 42w1 23b0 -1 29w0 43b14,520,0
38Goatcher Matthew W1442ENG 13w1 16b0 18w0 31b0 41w1 29b0 15b0 40w0 42b1 -1 27w04,023,0
39Sutton James R1090ENG 7w0 10b0 37w1 20b0 34w1 31b0 43w1 9b0 40b0 42w0 -14,022,0
40Francis Joel1600ENG 14w0 32b0 22w0 37b0 -1 23b0 41w1 38b1 39w1 28w0 36b04,019,0
41Ahmed Bilal1150ENG 18w0 23b0 31w0 -1 38b0 35w½ 40b0 42w1 43b1 24w0 33b03,518,0
42Pradeep Vishal1112ENG 17b0 15w½ 36b0 35w0 43w0 -1 37b0 41b0 38w0 39b1 34w02,513,0
43Raja Anish1052ENG 25b0 -1 7w0 26w0 42b1 28w0 39b0 34b0 41w0 36b0 37w02,017,0
44Tan Wei Hao1868MAS -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,00,0

Tie Break1: points (game-points)
Tie Break2: Fide Tie-Break

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