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9th Sharjah Int. Cup Chess CH. 2018

Last update 23.12.2018 07:59:03, Creator/Last Upload: sharjah chess club

Player overview for LTU

2IMCornette Deimante2455LTU1111½0½1½6,57

Results of the last round for LTU

Rd.Bo.No. NameFEDRtgPts. ResultPts. NameFEDRtg No.
WGMAbdulla KhayalaAZE21906 ½ - ½6 IMCornette DeimanteLTU2455

Player details for LTU

IM Cornette Deimante 2455 LTU Rp:2262 Pts. 6,5
161Aisha Mohamed Al Muaini1134UAE5,0s 1
231Novikova Margarita2017UKR5,5w 1
319WGMMona Khaled2158EGY6,0s 1
413WGMEnkhtuul Altan-Ulzii2267MGL6,0w 1
59WGMGu Xiaobing2295CHN7,0s ½
65IMBulmaga Irina2391ROU7,5w 0
711WGMNguyen Thi Mai Hung2280VIE6,5s ½
821WFMHallaeva Bahar2133TKM6,0w 1
917WGMAbdulla Khayala2190AZE6,5s ½