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9th Sharjah Int. Cup Chess CH. 2018

Last update 23.12.2018 07:59:03, Creator/Last Upload: sharjah chess club

Player overview for KAZ

32Bauyrzhan Arnash1978KAZ1011½1½1½6,59

Results of the last round for KAZ

Rd.Bo.No. NameFEDRtgPts. ResultPts. NameFEDRtg No.
IMZozulia AnnaBEL22706 ½ - ½6 Bauyrzhan ArnashKAZ1978

Player details for KAZ

Bauyrzhan Arnash 1978 KAZ Rp:2021 Pts. 6,5
192Hajar Saeed Rubaya0UAE3,0s 1
23IMSzczepkowska Karina2408POL7,0w 0
365Essa Shahad1080UAE5,0s 1
455Mohammed Ghalia1201UAE5,0w 1
519WGMMona Khaled2158EGY6,0s ½
623WFMAlieva Alexandra2102RUS6,0w 1
713WGMEnkhtuul Altan-Ulzii2267MGL6,0s ½
815WIMDrljevic Ljilja2208SRB6,0w 1
912IMZozulia Anna2270BEL6,5s ½