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Bellville Chess Club 2018-03 Blitz Tournament

Last update 05.11.2018 19:47:04, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 39)

Starting rank

1Cross Mark171005742RSA1843
2Baxter David192001584RSA1828
3Van Wyk Geoffrey176040813RSA1550
4Van Schaik Michael168040472RSA1510
5Holland Richard143012765RSA1446
6Wright Malcolm144043256RSA1298
7Vermaak Eon181085146RSA1190
8Maritz Jean189088910RSA1104
9Visage Hendrik1720104003RSA1092
10Snyman Johannes149086046RSA1073
11Cohen Dylan103066606RSA894
12Dykman Jonathan0RSA800
13Rae Cambell174094588RSA747
14Steenkamp Murray175085232RSA738
15Yang David1100096063RSA623
16Maritz Jean (Jnr)1130100496RSA564
17Steenkamp Wessel106061479RSA1232
18Nel Ovidius162027201RSA1009
19Afonso Isabella0RSA0