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Chandigarh Under 15 Open Children Chess Tournament on 28th October 2018

Last update 28.10.2018 13:27:34, Creator/Last Upload: nbansal64

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Starting rank

1Vedant Joshi25721828IND1233Chandigarh
2Jaspreet Singh25080873IND1215Chandigarh
3Ajay Kumar Yadav25721151IND1208Chandigarh
4Shishir Lamba35016857IND1193Chandigarh
5Swastik Singhal25917641IND1121Chandigarh
6Anmol Rattan45091439IND1050Chandigarh
7Hriday Malik25614878IND1018Chandigarh
8Precious Bansal25650149IND1007Chandigarh
9Aditya SharmaIND0Chandigarh
10Aanshita JainIND0Chandigarh
11Bhavya MahajanIND0Panchkula
12Hitesh BhardwajIND0Chandigarh
13Ishaan NarangIND0Chandigarh
14Kavin MattooIND0Chandigarh
15Khushmita KapoorIND0Chandigarh
16Manveer SinghIND0Chandigarh
18Raghav MahajanIND0Panchkula
19SanchitIND0Yamuna Nagar
20Zorawar Singh BajwaIND0Mohali
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