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Chandigarh Under 12 Open Children Chess Tournament on 28th October 2018

Last update 28.10.2018 13:27:21, Creator/Last Upload: nbansal64

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Starting rank

1Shaunak Chaudhury45033960IND1099
2Aaryan GoklaneyIND0
3Akshun PunchhiIND0
5Armaan SharmaIND0
6Arnav GoyalIND0
7Ashna BansalIND0
9Gurveer SinghIND0
10Ishan BiyalaIND0
11Japgur SinghIND0
12Kamya KumariIND0
13Madhav AhujaIND0
14Nikita GoyalIND0
15Parmanyu GargIND0
16Raghav GoklaneyIND0
17Rehaan GoyalIND0
19Rudra Jai SinghIND0
20Samaira TanejaIND0
21Shirin BhattacharyyaIND0
22Tanmay SharmaIND0
24Viren GuptaIND0
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