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Northern Cape Open 2018 B - Section (CHESSA)(Max Rating 1000/U16)

Last update 30.10.2018 08:00:56, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 66)

Starting rank

1May Alrique DominicRSA9330U12
2Grove EnriqueRSA9240U14
3Daniels Owethu14331047RSA8360U14
4Ahjum JordanRSA7970wU14
5Mosoeu Vivyane14334372RSA7940wU16
6Fillis JordanRSA7640U14
7Fillis JaredRSA7320U14
8Kesiamang MabotsaRSA6110wU12
9White HughRSA5510U16
10Van Heerden ElriekaRSA5350wU14
11Kesiamang OreratileRSA5320U14
12White FrancisRSA5280U12
13Ogu Chimkamara14331969RSA9620wU16