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2018 Gauteng North Open E Section

Last update 29.10.2018 18:42:46, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 19)

Starting rank

1Naidoo Kajol211085191RSA957957w
2Govender Pranae112089895RSA956956
3Slabbert Zander Nicolaas1110103928RSA873873
4Yang Jenn Tjer Danie1120096779RSA845845
5Tennant Nathan111095070RSA800800
6Bowers Mpho1120104109RSA710710
7Webb Abbygail2110105111RSA689689w
8Fourie Nine Mari2110100044RSA674674w
9De Waal Nadine2110101741RSA628628w
10Beyers Stephanus1120097851RSA602602
11Grobler Adane2110106008RSA562562w
12Bogaard Anneke2120105112RSA509509w
13Veltman Chantane'2110106009RSA500500w