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JDN Varones 3ra Categoría

Last update 21.10.2018 18:19:49, Creator/Last Upload: federacion uruguaya de ajedrez (2)

Player info

NameCaceres Leon
Starting rank14
Rating national6
Rating international0
Performance rating1075
Club/CityRivera, Rivera
Year of birth 2000


11428Suarez JoseYoung, Rio Negro1,5s 0
21020Lamela FrancoSolymar, Canelones2,0w 0
31126Soria MauricioMontevideo3,0s 1
41024Olivera AlvaroMinas, Lavalleja3,0w 0
51322Machado WilliamChuy, Rocha2,0s 1
61025Patiño CamiloMercedes, Soriano3,0s 0