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Superate Departamental Catg Juvenil Fem - BOL 2018 Ajedrez Blitz

Last update 11.10.2018 19:28:02, Creator/Last Upload: fecodaz

Starting rank list of players

5Angulo Moreno Sonia ElviraJUV0I.E. Madre Gabriela - Cartagena
2Blanco Noguera YoryethJUV0I.E. Madre Gabriela - Cartagena
4Caballero Marrugo Maria JoseJUV0I.E. Docente de Turbaco
6Cardenas Herrera Angela NayelisJUV0I.E. Valores Unidos - Cartagena
3Lopez Diaz ValentinaJUV0I.E. Valores Unidos - Cartagena
1Ortiz Martinez Maryory NataliaJUV0I.E.T.C. Alfredo Nobel - Sta Rosa d