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Torneio Interno do Clube de Xadrez de Sintra 2018

Last update 01.12.2018 01:19:12, Creator/Last Upload: portuguese chess federation (licence 13)

Final Ranking after 7 Rounds

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
11Marques Pedro Jorge Simões LoPOR1830Cx Sintra7,00,028,031,5
23Rafael Manuel Maria Arez De VPOR1705Cx Sintra5,50,531,535,5
35Valente Miguel Consolado MiguPOR1505Cx Sintra5,50,527,530,5
44Azinheira André TorresPOR1558Cx Sintra5,00,029,531,5
521Ganhão Pedro Alexandre AntunePOR0Cx Sintra5,00,024,527,5
68Carvalho João Filipe RodriguePOR1352Cx Sintra5,00,024,527,5
72Guerreiro Paulo Jorge LeitãoPOR1811Cx Sintra5,00,023,526,5
811Afonso Bruno Alexandre CaetanPOR1153Cx Sintra4,00,028,532,0
97Dong RafaelPOR1360Cx Sintra4,00,028,030,5
109Abreu João Miguel Silvestre APOR1326Cx Sintra4,00,025,527,5
1112Caturra Rafael DiasPOR1076Cx Sintra4,00,024,026,0
1228Neto Eduardo Pedro De AlmeidaPOR0Cx Sintra4,00,024,026,0
1318Carvalho Manuel CarrondoPOR0Cx Sintra4,00,024,026,0
1410Dong FábioPOR1273Cx Sintra4,00,023,526,0
1520Dong AndréPOR0Cx Sintra4,00,022,024,0
1619Cunha João Ricardo ChurroPOR0Cx Sintra4,00,021,023,0
1724Laureano JorgePOR0Cx Sintra4,00,020,022,0
186Reis António Mário Correia BrPOR1415Cx Sintra3,50,026,028,0
1922Hermenegildo Tiago AlexandrePOR0Cx Sintra3,00,025,526,5
2031Serafim Vasco De CamposPOR0Cx Sintra3,00,023,024,0
2123Laureano André Filipe DuartePOR0Cx Sintra3,00,021,522,5
2216Barbosa Luis Antonio ValentimPOR0Cx Sintra3,00,021,022,0
2330Santos Tristan Alexander GairPOR0Cx Sintra3,00,020,521,5
2427Melo Simão Pinto CorreiaPOR0Cx Sintra3,00,020,521,5
2515Antunes TelmoPOR0Cx Sintra3,00,019,021,0
2635Zhang WeiPOR0Cx Sintra3,00,019,021,0
2725Martins Duarte Manuel BarbedoPOR0Cx Sintra3,00,019,020,0
2832Silva Ana Marta Nunes FerreirPOR0Cx Sintra2,50,019,520,5
2913Martins Lourenço Manuel BPOR1003Cx Sintra2,00,023,525,5
3026Melo Constança Pinto CorreiaPOR0Cx Sintra2,00,021,022,0
3133Song SerenaPOR0Cx Sintra2,00,020,522,5
3217Biscoito Diogo Pedro Dos SantPOR0Cx Sintra2,00,019,520,5
3329Santos Evan Mark Gairifo DosPOR0Cx Sintra2,00,018,019,0
3434Xu VictorPOR0Cx Sintra1,00,018,020,0
3514Antunes RodrigoPOR0Cx Sintra1,00,017,519,5

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)