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Hoogeveen Open 2018 First four played semi-final and final.

Last update 03.11.2018 13:50:03, Creator/Last Upload: fpi

Player overview for FRA

43Giacomini Hector2178FRA01½10½½104,53723072026,20Open

Results of the last round for FRA

Rd.Bo.No. NameGrFEDRtgPts. ResultPts. NameGrFEDRtg No.
Giacomini HectorFRA2178 0 - 1 IMKuipers StefanNED2467

Player details for FRA

Giacomini Hector 2178 FRA Rp:2307 Pts. 4,5
12GMSafarli Eltaj2676AZE5,5s 00,08-0,0820-1,60
261Verhoef Pieter2058NED4,0w 10,660,34206,80
326WIMWarakomska Anna2293POL3,0s ½0,340,16203,20
479Van Der Hagen Loek1820NED2,5w 10,900,10202,00
516Zwirs Nico2410NED6,0s 00,21-0,2120-4,20
621FMBertholee Rob2334NED5,0s ½0,290,21204,20
723FMVan Kooten Luuk2320NED3,5w ½0,310,19203,80
817IMVan Delft Merijn2381NED4,0s 10,240,762015,20
99IMKuipers Stefan2467NED5,5w 00,16-0,1620-3,20
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