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SS Manhems KM 2018 Kandidatgruppen

Last update 06.12.2018 20:11:36, Creator/Last Upload: ssmanhem

Starting rank list of players

7Dave Rickard1731874SWE1856
10Oxelqvist Martin1718061SWE1825
2Strom-Engdahl Alexander1741586SWE1754
1Svensson Anders 19801727818SWE1711
8Shchetinin Oleg1740210SWE1682
3Freed Markus1717944SWE1665
6Stenhammar Valdemar1718665SWE1655
9AFMKosmidis Thomas1753380SWE1642
4Hansson Lennart1735233SWE1628
5Hagg MichaelSWE0