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Zeleni vir - Nis 2018, GP cuger, fond 15.000 V GP cuger NAIS & GSS Nisa 02.10.2018

Last update 02.10.2018 20:18:00, Creator/Last Upload: chess federation of central serbia

Player info

NameNikolic Anja
Starting rank23
Rating national0
Rating international0
Performance rating1352
Club/CityTopličani, Prokuplje


11010FMLivaja Mario2256SRBNAIS6,0s 0
21018Orlovic Slavoljub1676SRB5,0w 0
31020Veljkovic Lazar1484SRBNAIS4,5s 0
413-bye- --- 1
51124Veljkovic Andrej0SRBNAIS3,0w 1
61021Cirkovic Vuk1379SRBNAIS4,5w 0
71125Veljkovic Vanja0SRBNAIS3,0s ½
81122Ciric Sava1372SRBNAIS3,5s 1
9919Orlovic Jovan1518SRB4,0w 0
10717Djuric Goran J1715SRBCar Konstantin5,0w 0
11914Stankovic Dimitrije2048SRBJastrebac, Blace6,0s 0