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1er Tournoi semi-rapide du mardi à Laval

Last update 26.09.2018 03:11:48, Creator/Last Upload: alexandre ber

Starting rank

1BER Alexandre71842CAN1843Laval
2LESAGE Philippe18055CAN1833Laval
3CLOUTIER Jean-Pierre40465CAN1496Lanaudière
4FALLET Maurice102438CAN1270Laurentides
5BUREAU Robert100173CAN1219Laval
6WANG Edouard107886CAN1169Montréal
7DUVAL Jean-Luc107902CAN1082Laval
8WANG Alexandre107893CAN1052Montréal
9DUVAL Mathieu107903CAN1042Laval
10HERNANDEZ Juan Felipe108210CAN0Laval
11KHALIL Mina108206CAN0Laurentides
12WANG Ethan0CAN0