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34th European Club Cup

Last update 24.10.2018 13:39:35, Creator/Last Upload: middlewave

Team-Composition without round-results

  53. En Passant (RtgAvg:2111 / TB1: 4 / TB2: 91) Captain: Richard Vedder
1IMVedder Henk2336NED10028723,57,02331
2FMVedder Richard2288NED10041663,07,02220
3Van Twillert Laurents2117NED10098004,07,02244
4Reichardt Robin1993NED10510672,57,02009
5Drent Sjoerd2001NED10212302,57,01960
6Van Diermen Arie1931NED10097102,07,01755