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34th European Club Cup

Last update 24.10.2018 13:39:35, Creator/Last Upload: middlewave

Team-Composition without round-results

  48. Drejtesia (RtgAvg:2177 / TB1: 4 / TB2: 59) Captain: Afrim Fejzullahu
1IMSaraci Nderim2402KOS63519211,57,02169
2FMMakolli Perparim2284KOS9086302,06,02161
3Zymberi Astrit2115KOS47002953,57,02265
4Asllani Ibrahim2033KOS47016740,04,01481
5Hajra Driton1978KOS9538812,07,02003
6FMFejzullahu Afrim2247KOS9056313,55,02180
7Bahtiri Sabri0KOS36001144,06,02007
8Murseli Ujup1943KOS221016830,00,00