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2018 Canadian Junior Chess Championship - U1800 Section

Last update 13.08.2018 02:36:42, Creator/Last Upload: canada chess federation (licence 38)

Starting rank

1Zhao Jonathan2619350CAN1742ON
2Uthayakumar Ronan2623773CAN1731ON
3Zhou Joey (junhe)2630303CAN1692ON
4Ran Xiaoyu (charles)CAN1679ON
5Wang Eric2629518CAN1677ON
6Yuen Noah NathanielCAN1675ON
7Zhu MatthewCAN1664ON
8Qin VincentCAN1644ON
9Xiang Christopher2629534CAN1640ON
10Han JohnathanCAN1629ON
11Gauthier DavidCAN1622ON
12Ahmed Syed IbrahimCAN1608ON
13Xie Austin2623919CAN1590ON
14Srinivas Atharva2623900CAN1588ON
15Cao BruceCAN1582ON
16Ramesh Sanjay2631270CAN1578ON
17Hua MichelleCAN1569ON
18Li WingCAN1569ON
19Liu Henry2628597CAN1542ON
20Jeyakumar Bhavatharshan2619148CAN1532ON
21Gao William (zhimao)2629437CAN1529ON
22Mao FengxiCAN1522ON
23Gao LucyCAN1509ON
24Xiao Edward2628643CAN1488ON
25Shi MichaelCAN1486ON
26Balachandran Kousihan2626250CAN1479ON
27Mugunthan Vaamanan2629976CAN1455ON
28Wang Andrew2631172CAN1452ON
29Stroganov VictorCAN1445ON
30Lei Yanyu2630400CAN1427MB
31Mukherjee Pranoy2629984CAN1425ON
32Yang Henry2630079CAN1419BC
33Chakkoli Anirud2629895CAN1416ON
34Wu IngridCAN1374ON
35Locham DivjotCAN1373ON
36Yang Brett2630222CAN1316ON
37Leblanc MiguelCAN1290ON
38Chen RichardCAN1271ON
39Lee Ethan19700660CAN1121FO
40Han KevinCAN1081ON