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10th IBCA World Individual Junior Chess Championship for Blind and Visually Impa

Last update 23.08.2018 12:43:41, Creator/Last Upload: polish chess federation (licence 35)

Player overview for LTU

12STASKEVICIUTE Darija1479LTU0110101004,0131576406,00

Results of the last round for LTU

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
STASKEVICIUTE Darija14794 0 - 13 TARANENKO Polina1405

Player details for LTU

STASKEVICIUTE Darija 1479 LTU Rp:1576 Pts. 4,0
13SOUNDARYA Kumar Pradhan1808IND7,0s 040-4,80
217TRYJANSKA Emilia1045POL2,0w 1404,40
35JOHANSSON Tage 20011729SWE4,5s 14032,40
49ERMAKOV Maksim1583RUS6,0w 040-14,40
516SPIONKOWSKI Fabian1279POL5,0s 1409,60
61CZAJKOWSKI Adam2232POL7,5w 040-4,40
715AMBROSINO Theo1297FRA3,0s 14010,40
82CMEICHSTAEDT Mirko2190GER6,5s 040-4,40
914TARANENKO Polina1405RUS4,0w 040-24,00
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