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Eastern Asia Juniors Open Championships 2018

Last update 08.08.2018 06:43:37, Creator: IA/IO Bunawan,Last Upload: Korea Chess Federation

Starting rank

1FMSetyaki Azarya Jodi7101589INA2350
2FMBat-Erdene Tsogbayar4901592MGL2295
3Quizon Daniel5217911PHI2285
4FMLee Jun Hyeok13202340KOR2261
5FMBaasansuren Erdene4902084MGL2240
6CMKwon Sehyun13203088KOR2142
7Ahn Hongjin13201492KOR2126
8FMBulgankhan Ganzorig4906322MGL2103
9Nguyen Hoang Duc12403865VIE1999
10Tan Soon Wei Dawson5708990MAS1895
11CMKang Taehyung13201727KOR1793
12You Haneul13201484KOR1777
13Jang Jaewon13201158KOR1707
14You Jiho13206923KOR1525
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