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43rd Olympiad Batumi 2018 Open

Last update 05.10.2018 15:12:50, Creator/Last Upload: irma und werner stubenvoll

Team-Composition without round-results

  62. Turkmenistan (TKM / RtgAvg:2427 / TB1: 13 / TB2: 268,5) Captain: Annaberdiyev Serdar
1GMAtabayev Maksat2505TKM140011016,510,02564
2IMAtabayev Saparmyrat2443TKM140005715,511,02374
3FMNurmamedov Azat2349TKM140039376,010,02366
4IMAtabayev Yusup2411TKM140011288,011,02504
5Turayev Shahruh2156TKM140038561,02,00