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24.07 İnternational Chess Tournament commemorating to birthday of International Grandmaster Vugar Gashimov “Young Talented Chess Players” Festival-2018 group A

Last update 01.08.2018 12:36:02, Creator/Last Upload: vugar gashimov chess academy

Starting rank list of players

9FMIbrahimli Murad13410229AZE2369
1FMAhmadzada Ahmad13413007AZE2328
7FMZeynalov Farid13402250AZE2308
10FMBayramov Zaur13405080AZE2305
4FMMustafin Andrey13406744AZE2245
5Babazada Khazar13413554AZE2236
8Davidov Samir13401149AZE2236
2Bayramov Vugar13400916AZE2227
6Atakishiyev Elmar13410547AZE2198
3Ismayilov Muhammad13410024AZE2103