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Biel Master Tournament (MTO)

Last update 01.08.2018 18:05:51, Creator/Last Upload: internationales schachfestival biel

Player overview for CZE

14GMKrejci Jan2578CZE½½1101½½½5,531MTO
16GMMichalik Peter2562CZE1½1010½116,019MTO

Results of the last round for CZE

Rd.Bo.No.NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtgNo.
91445IMTania Sachdev23935 ½ - ½5 GMKrejci Jan257814
91539IMMeins Gerlef24095 0 - 15 GMMichalik Peter256216

Player details for CZE

GM Krejci Jan 2578 CZE Rp:2433 Pts. 5,5
172Vignesh B2231IND4,5s ½
268WIMYuan Yuanling2247CAN4,5w ½
370Fecker Noah2237SUI3,5s 1
441IMKrishna C R G2399IND4,5w 1
535IMIkeda Junta2437AUS5,0s 0
649IMVidenova Iva2369FID4,5w 1
731IMBellaiche Anthony2459FRA5,0s ½
839IMMeins Gerlef2409GER5,0w ½
945IMTania Sachdev2393IND5,5s ½
GM Michalik Peter 2562 CZE Rp:2500 Pts. 6,0
174FMHugentobler Patrik2225SUI4,0s 1
243FMGindi Shachar2397ISR4,5w ½
347FMBaenziger Fabian2382SUI4,5s 1
426IMFlom Gabriel2515FRA5,0w 0
562IMFlorescu Codrut-Constantin2295ROU4,5s 1
629IMBilguun Sumiya2490MGL6,5w 0
753FMSchnepp Gunnar2336AUT4,5s ½
850IMRavi Teja S.2360IND5,0w 1
939IMMeins Gerlef2409GER5,0s 1
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