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Int. Chess Holiday 2010 V31

Last update 06.08.2010 18:25:12, Creator/Last Upload: chess federation of the czech republic

Starting rank list of players

3Vesely JiriCZE1539TJ Praga Praha
4Polifka WilfriedGER1530Schachfreunde Monheim 1947
8Nemecek MiroslavCZE1507SK OAZA Praha
7Dobias JaroslavCZE1493Sokol Pecky
5Zabehlicky JiriCZE1453Sokol Cesky Brod
1Kympl TomášCZE1412SK OAZA Praha
10Švec StanislavCZE1404Sokol Český Brod
6Schanilec LadislavCZE1345SK OAZA Praha
2Boehme MathisGER1000
9Sipek RobertCZE1000Loko Praha
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