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Int.Chess Holiday 2010 R12

Last update 27.07.2010 15:02:49, Creator/Last Upload: chess federation of the czech republic

Starting rank list of players

8Macik JanCZE1807Sokol Cesky Brod
2Muthig JuliusGER1476Sc 1952 Obertshausen
1Rejzek MiloslavCZE1460ŠachovĂ˝ klub Bohnice
3Eggeling HeikeGER1424Schachgemeinschaft Wedding E.
4Filip PetrCZE1315Sokol Praha-Kobylisy
7Havlik RichardCZE1278Sokol Praha-Kobylisy
6Koval JozefSVK1000Slavia Pu Presov
5Niemann WernerGER0