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2º Torneio Individual de Xadrez ISPTEC - 2018 - 7º Aniversário do ISPTEC

Last update 14.07.2018 19:07:04, Creator/Last Upload: macovi

Starting rank

1Baldaia AlmodvarANG1483TRB-ISPTEC
2Dos Santos CapitaANG1434ECN-ISPTEC
3Van-dúnem AurobindoANG1388TRB-ISPTEC
4Miranda CristianANG1339EMC-ISPTEC
5Cristo HonórioANG1337TRB-ISPTEC
6José CardosoANG1196EQM-ISPTEC
7Gaspar EulerANG1192EPI-ISPTEC
8Sunga BenvindaANG1153ECN-ISPTEC
9Fernandes AntónioANG1149CTB-ISPTEC
10Baptista JosneANG1148EPT-ISPTEC
11António AndréANG1100EEL-ISPTEC
12Cardoso JoséANG1060EMC-ISPTEC
13Tavares DomingasANG1256ECV-ISPTEC
14Teixeira RaúlANG1100EQM-ISPTEC
15Contreiras RosalinoANG1033EMC-ISPTEC
16Campo VascoANG1156EIN-ISPTEC