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2018 UK Chess Challenge Northern Gigafinal Under 10 Boys Group A

Last update 14.07.2018 19:16:17, Creator/Last Upload: alexholowczak

Starting rank

1Han Yichen192Northumbria
2Agnihotri Aaryan109Cheshire East And Manchester
3Orlandi Luca M103Richmond
4Rafferty Harry97Cheshire West, North Wales And
5Tzabari Ethan89Cheshire East And Manchester
6Rudzenis Alex88Northumbria
7Wu Yuxuan83South Wales
8Bian Yuming80Norfolk
9Campbell-Okolo Amani Da78Surrey Central
10Elgar Max77Warwickshire
11Buckman Cyrus74Kent Bromley
12Burke Alexander68Cheshire West, North Wales And
13Harris Dexter65Northern Ireland
14Bolton Samuel58Teesside
15Liu Joshua47Cheshire East And Manchester
16Williams Alfie42Cheshire East And Manchester
17Chariwala Eesa38Cheshire East And Manchester
18Birkett Luke22Northumbria
19Allen Zakai0Cheshire East And Manchester
20Ansell Matthew0Northumbria
21Bampton Bruce0Cheshire East And Manchester
22Brennan Luke0Scotland East
23Burton George0Scotland East
24Cottee Alasdair0Scotland East
25Dia Mustapha0Pennine
26Evans Edward0North And West Yorkshire
27Gera Morvin0Scotland East
28Gilbert Alexander0Scotland East
29Hollingworth Alex0Pennine
30Hughes Tobias0Nottinghamshire
31Keast Tom0North And West Yorkshire
32Marshall Liam0Teesside
33Mcdonald Ruaridh0Scotland West
34Samuel Euan0Scotland East
35Shahzad Ali0Northern Ireland
36Shybu Alan0North And West Yorkshire
37Tomsett Jonah0Nottinghamshire
38Verma Abhi0Scotland West
39Ward Harry0Teesside
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