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44th National Under-15 Open Chess Championship 2018- Kolkata AICF Event code:188626/WB/2018

Last update 25.07.2018 11:48:01, Creator/Last Upload: rajendra shidore

Player info

NameAyush Sharma
Starting rank35
Rating national0
Rating international1847
Performance rating1862
FIDE rtg +/-21,6
Club/CityMadhya Pradesh
Year of birth 2005


135159Parthajit Saha1354INDTripura5,5w 1
231106Praveen Saki1535INDTelangana5,5s 0
338128Md Bashiq Imrose1468INDTelangana4,5w 1
42696Surya Raghava I1567INDAndhra Pradesh6,0s 1
522100Arun Kataria1556INDRajasthan6,5w 1
662Sankalp Gupta2341INDMaharashtra8,5s 0
72590Adireddy Tarun1583INDTelangana5,5w 1
818121Mahek J Hinhoriya1486INDMaharashtra7,0s ½
91218Akshit Kumar J1955INDAndhra Pradesh7,5w 1
10813Arpan Das (Jr)1981INDWest Bengal7,5w ½
1198Harshavardhan G B2194INDTamil Nadu7,5s ½
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