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2nd Punggol North Junior Chess Championships 2018 - OPEN

Last update 09.07.2018 18:58:51, Creator/Last Upload: chess academy (singapore) pl

Starting rank

1Bansal PratyushSGP
2Christensen Nikolaj LimSGP
3G HarryndranSGP
4Ho Shing Tat NicholasSGP
5Hong Si Jie JadonSGP
6Kulkarni OjasSGP
7Kumar RyanSGP
8Lee I-ShiuanSGP
9Mackenzy ChongSGPGRC
10Mohammed Ismail DiwanSGP
11Rajaselvam KalyararamanSGP
12Shah NamanSGP
13Sng Hao RenSGP
14Yeo Xuan Kai RyanSGP
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