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2018 UK Chess Challenge Midlands Gigafinal Under 7 Girls

Last update 08.07.2018 19:35:53, Creator/Last Upload: alexholowczak

Starting rank

1Dicen Elis Denele83Warwickshire
2Fields Doris9Somerset
3Arora Aarna0Middlesex South
4Ashcroft Emily0Kent Canterbury
5Bollinger Nefeli0Surrey East
6Hardyman Freya0Barnet
7Kong Emma0South Wales
8Mittal Hemali0Warwickshire
9Morris Alice0South Wales
10Richardson Amalia0Mercia
11Rohilla Nishka0Norfolk
12Samra Avni0Warwickshire
13Tomy Judith0Hertfordshire
14Townsend Vivien0South Wales
15Webster Elizabeth0Warwickshire
16Yang Rachel0West Anglia
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