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Pretoria Chess Club Blitz 2018

Last update 12.07.2018 08:32:05, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 57)

Starting rank list of players

16Heyns Anthon
17Iwanik Jack
5Jacbos Leon
11Kgaditse Emanuel
7Marais Charl
4Moolman Francois
14Moss Keegan
6Nel Carel
9Plint Graeme
8Pretorius Wiaan
19Senekal Erik
10Senekal Fred
18Slabbert Wim
15Swart Riaan
21van Ginkel Adolf
2van Wyk Justus
12van Zyl Fred
20vd Heever Derick
13vd Walt Pierre
1Wohlfahrt Daniel
3Wohlfahrt Oscar