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Club E - Pakistan Open Chess Championship - Open

Last update 29.06.2018 10:30:28, Creator/Last Upload: pakistan chess federation

Starting rank

1. KashifPAK0
2. KiranPAK0
3Ahmed JawwadPAK0
4Ahmed MisbahPAK0
5Baloch BasitPAK0
6Farooque UmerPAK0
7Fatima SarwatPAK0
8Kumar AyushPAK0
9Mehmood HassanPAK0
10Nazeer MansoorPAK0
11Owais MuhammadPAK0
12Qasim MujtabaPAK0
13Uddin MoinPAK0
14Umbreen UroobaPAK0
15Wasif MuhammadPAK0