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Pionirsko prvenstvo Crne Gore 2018 - B14

Last update 02.07.2018 16:19:03, Creator/Last Upload: montenegro chess federation

Starting rank

1Pobor Milo16503589MNE1901
2Djurovic Peko16503902MNE1766
3Vujovic Savo16504020MNE1692
4Andjelic Djordje16502094MNE1690
5Mostrokol Matija16503970MNE1419
6Lausevic Gorazd16505646MNE1330
7Rolovic Petar16505549MNE1256
8Latkovic Matija16503953MNE1082
9Berisaj Agron16506138MNE0
10Colovic Ugljesa16505689MNE0
11Jabucanin Vuk16506383MNE0
12Janjusevic TadijaMNE0
13Lakovic Lazar16505700MNE0
14Perkovic ZaharijeMNE0
15Perkovic JovanMNE0
16Pupovic PavleMNE0
17Rakocevic Dusan16506154MNE0
18Saric Ognjen16506286MNE0
19Svrkota Dimitrije16505727MNE0