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Glorney Cup

Last update 18.07.2018 14:51:11, Creator/Last Upload: scotland chess federation (license 2)

Team-Composition without round-results

  1. France (RtgAvg:2077 / TB1: 17,5 / TB2: 9)
1Lutard Theo2210FRA260154203,55,0
2Hingouet Matthieu2209FRA260715094,55,0
3Weisman Nathan2003FRA360608953,05,0
4Naillou Thomas2008FRA360097412,55,0
5Dreyfus Jacques1953FRA360798714,05,0
  2. Wales (RtgAvg:1611 / TB1: 3,5 / TB2: 0)
1Fowler Hugo1778WLS4334110,55,0
2WCMCamp Imogen A L1874WLS18022402,05,0
3Evans James1559WLS18026820,55,0
4Fowler Caspian1404WLS18032710,55,0
5Jaberansari Daniel1440WLS18044990,05,0
  3. Netherlands (RtgAvg:2012 / TB1: 17,5 / TB2: 8)
1Hilwerda Jonas2135NED10467133,55,0
2Baselmans Luuk2082NED10510083,55,0
3Kouwenhoven Derk1994NED10506214,05,0
4Reichardt Robin1972NED10510673,05,0
5Klein Jorik1875NED10398143,55,0
  4. Scotland (RtgAvg:1993 / TB1: 16 / TB2: 6)
1FMAbdulla Murad2281SCO24037573,55,0
2Shafi Declan2177SCO24051563,55,0
3Volland Ben1887SCO24055041,55,0
4Sanger Jake M1841SCO24061364,05,0
5Pannwitz Kai1779SCO24032263,55,0
  5. England (RtgAvg:1694 / TB1: 7,5 / TB2: 2)
1Onslow Alfie2006ENG4369763,05,0
2Forster Matthew1940ENG4371231,55,0
3Harman George1515ENG4350401,05,0
4Gogna Avi1512ENG4378080,55,0
5Miller Max C1498ENG4382191,55,0
  6. Ireland (RtgAvg:1771 / TB1: 13 / TB2: 5)
1Flynn Jacob1917IRL25093931,05,0
2Carroll Peter1742IRL25102430,05,0
3Zelenchuk Daniil1700IRL25119595,05,0
4Nolan Dermot1762IRL25102604,55,0
5Moran Darragh1734IRL25102942,55,0