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Liga mládeže Považie 4

Last update 21.06.2018 15:34:50, Creator/Last Upload: slovak chess federation

Starting rank

1Sosovickova Jana14944596SVK1585Szs Nova Dubnica
2Sosovickova Martina1100Szs Nova Dubnica
3Holeckova Ema73616494SVK1055ZSsMS CI Dubnica n/V
4Cerepanova Daniela73622788SVK1000ZSsMS CI Dubnica n/V
5Chrastina SamuelSVK1000Szs Nova Dubnica
6Cihlar TomasSVK1000Szs Nova Dubnica
7Domanova MichaelaSVK1000Szs Nova Dubnica
8Ftorekova EvaSVK1000Szs Nova Dubnica
9Hajek SamuelM1000ZSsMS CI Dubnica n/V
10Hornik Michal73621714SVK1000Szs Nova Dubnica
11Kastil NicolasSVK1000Szs Nova Dubnica
12Kebiskova DagmaraSVK1000Szs Nova Dubnica
13Kostial DavidSVK1000Szs Nova Dubnica
14Lamackova SarkaSVK1000Szs Nova Dubnica
15Lash SamuelSVK1000Szs Nova Dubnica
16Malecova EmaSVK1000Zs Pod Hajom Dubnica n/V
17Matovcik MaximSVK1000Szs Nova Dubnica
18Mikula MiroslavSVK1000Szs Nova Dubnica
19Osuch FilipM1000Zs Pod Hajom Dubnica n/V
20Paluska PatrikSVK1000Zs Pod Hajom Dubnica n/V
21Rybanska NinaSVK1000Zs Pod Hajom Dubnica n/V
22Sagat JakubSVK1000Szs Nova Dubnica
23Secany MiroslavM1000ZSsMS CI Dubnica n/V
24Smatana Tibor73622770SVK1000ZSsMS CI Dubnica n/V
25Smatana Viktor73622761SVK1000ZSsMS CI Dubnica n/V
26Svancara MichalSVK1000Szs Nova Dubnica
27Ulman Matus73622206SVK1000Szs Nova Dubnica
28Ulmanova Stela73618055SVK1000Szs Nova Dubnica
29Vaclavova IvetaSVK1000Szs Nova Dubnica
30Varga RichardSVK1000Szs Nova Dubnica
31Vargova LiviaSVK1000Szs Nova Dubnica
32Vranka FilipM1000Zs Pod Hajom Dubnica n/V
33Zelenka Matej14964309SVK1000ZSsMS CI Dubnica n/V
34Zubova HanaSVK1000Szs Nova Dubnica
35Balocky DavidSVK0Zs Pod Hajom Dubnica n/V
36Stanik JakubSVK0Zs Pod Hajom Dubnica n/V