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"Maria Albulet" Memorial - 3rd edition

Last update 21.07.2010 12:39:50, Creator/Last Upload: Romanian Chess Federation (Licence 5)

Starting rank list of players

3WGMCosma Elena-LuminitaROU2370
5WIMWorek JoannaPOL2296
8WIMGenova LyubkaBUL2260
6WIMToma KatarzynaPOL2243
9WGMMakropoulou MarinaGRE2231
4WFMSgircea Silvia-RalucaROU2198
2WIMDragomirescu AngelaROU2181
1WFMTraistaru TeodoraROU2180
10Uta Adeline-RamonaROU2099
7WGMPartac ElenaMDA2086
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