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federation alegerien des echecs ligue de tiaret

Last update 12.06.2018 00:19:09, Creator/Last Upload: algerian+c1552

Starting rank

1acef amineALG0
2bachir bouijra khaledALG0
3bounakala redhaALG0
4chaoune youcefALG0
5charef khodja abd rahmenALG0
6charef khodja ayoubALG0
7charef khodja khaoulaALG0
8charef khodja souadALG0
9ghdira kamelALG0
10ghdira djilaliALG0
11glaylia soufyaneALG0
12gouacem ahmedALG0
13gouacem aekALG0
14kacem aekALG0
15kahoul rofaydaALG0
16maachou wassimALG0
17mahmoud aymenALG0
18mahmoud djamelALG0
19mokhtar abedALG0
20mokhtar fathiALG0
21mokhtar soumayaALG0
22saridje ahmedALG0
23yacini khaledALG0
24zidouri mohamedALG0